Social responsibility

Within the framework of the social responsibility the Center for Eurasian Cooperation and Development acts as an ideological inspirer of the

International movement called “World for children”




Our goal: creation of a favorable environment for growth and development of a healthy society based on personal involvement and high moral position of the participants of the movement.

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Thus, within the framework of “World for Children” project, international exhibition of child paintings “War and Peace through children’s eyes” was held on 25th of December in 2015.

Aim: to draw the public’s attention to the devastating effect of adult’s political games on children’s mind and to encourage the society to create peaceful future.

Following the event, the similar exhibition was held in Syria which was organized by Fund of contribution to renaissance and development of cultural heritage ‘Homeland’, the International Counter-terrorism Center and the federal government.

HjBHI4_ycqsSince 2016 we have started the international tourist-educational project for children “Experience Russia”.


Aim: to shape friendly foreign community oriented at development of cooperation with Russia and understanding of our mentality in strategic outlook of the next 15-25 years.


  • Implementation of import substitution policy in tourism industry
  • Acquaintance of European and Asian children with culture and traditions of Russia
  • Implementation of international tourist-educational exchange programmes between Russia and Eurasian countries

The project is implemented with the support of:

  • Federation Council
  • State Duma
  • Moscow city Duma
  • Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Russia
  • Embassies of the ASEAN countries in Russia
  • Embassy of India
  • Institute for economic strategies of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • French club ‘Cerdagne’ (France)
  • Fund of contribution to renaissance and development of cultural heritage ‘Homeland’ (Syria)
  • Russian Union of Travel Industry
  • Dimars group
  • Russian-Indian Friendship Society “DISHA”(India)
  • And others

Among the first tourist projects are:

  • Project “Stroganov School of Business and State Administration” – the school for young entrepreneurs or future statesmen
  • Project “Podnebeses” – new project of the famous music producer Ivan Shapovalov
  • Thematical sport and ecological camp “Stroganov Park” (Permskiy Krai)
  • Music school of Honored Arts Worker of Russia, Companion of Order of Friendship of Russian Federation, Soviet and Russian composer Zuo Zhenguan (Victor Zuo)
  • International camp for children “Live Classics” of “Live Classics” Fund
  • Finno-Ugric camp for children “Lesnaya Skazka”
  • And others