PR, GR, IR support

PR (from the English Public Relations, PR.) – To establish and maintain effective communication between the organization and the public.

Our specialists in public relations organize for you in Europe, Russia and Asia:

HjBHI4_ycqsPresentation of your company


HjBHI4_ycqsPositioning and promotion of your brand


HjBHI4_ycqsPositioning in the media (the media)

GR (from the English Government Relations, relationships with government agencies) – the interaction of business and government.

CESIR interacts effectively with the business community and representatives of the governments of Russia and friendly states.

HjBHI4_ycqsLobbying interests of the company


HjBHI4_ycqsFormation of a favorable image of the company among the political elite

IR (from the English Investor Relations, relations with investors) – Building an effective two-way communication link between the organization and the investment community.

HjBHI4_ycqsCounseling and support of transactions on attraction/placement of investment in Europe, Russia and Asia


HjBHI4_ycqsCounselling and support for complex-structured trade, and investment transactions


HjBHI4_ycqsDevelopment of investment instruments


HjBHI4_ycqsAttracting working capital


HjBHI4_ycqsOrganization of meetings and negotiations with representatives of banks and other financial institutions