Our Mission

The Center for Eurasian Cooperation and Development (CESIR)

Experience Russia. Discover the country of great opportunities. 

Our Mission:

We are proud of our country and believe in its ability and significant contribution to the stability and prosperity of the world.

Our mission defines contribution of CESIR to the prosperity of Russia and its long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with ASEAN countries, Europe and Asia through development of effective communication and interaction between the business and social environment.

We are proud of our team, appreciate trust of our partners and build relationships with our customers, employees and States, based on three key values – ambition, responsibility and professionalism as the key to a successful future for all stakeholders.

We promote export-oriented companies by establishing effective business dialogue and the organization of comprehensive support (PR, IR, GR, etc.) of the subject of communication. Ultimately, the Centre aims to create a healthy society and a favorable environment (economic, political, social, environmental) for the growth and development of the younger generation, regardless of skin color and religion.