Our experts

Бирюкова-О.В.-2Olga Biryukova

Expert in matters of trade, economic and investment cooperation with European and Asian partners.

Head of the Center for Eurasian Cooperation and Development, Director of the Eurospeech Training Center. Master of Business Administration in Strategic and Innovation Management (MBA). Practical experience in business since 2008.

– Expert and coach at the Seliger Youth Innovation Forum. Prizewinner of the Young Talents of Moscow-2012 contest (Business and Entrepreneurship section).

– An expert in the assessment of the competitiveness of projects and the foundations of effective management.

– An expert in matters of trade, economic and investment cooperation with European and Asian partners. Expert in the Joint Working Group on support for foreign investors (Organizer).

– Production director.

DSC_22881Vadim Tylik

Advertising and marketing expert in the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region.

Businessman, president of “Far East Association of Advertising and Marketing Quality” since 2008. Since 2009 Vadim has been developing international advertising agency RMAA Group, which specializes on launching of Asian brands in Russia and Russian brands in Asia.

– Author of the blog about marketing in Asia-Pacific Region.

– Author of research and practice materials in magazines “Marketing of Success” and “General Manager”.




Arkady Amelin

Expert in resort development and investment promotion.

Founder and director of the Dimars Group of companies, Vice-President of the All-Russian non-governmental organization, ‘Russian investment’. MBA degree from the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and the Synergia Institute of Economics and Finance.

– Russian real estate market expert with over 20 years’ experience in management and a proven record of accomplishment in various market segments, with a focus on residential and suburban real estate (including projects for the elite class).

Experience in successful cooperation for the development of tourism and implementation of resort development projects with countries within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), as well as attracting investments in tourist and recreational facilities of Russian and foreign sources.

Since 2011, together with a partner – a globally recognized expert in the field of fractional real estate, David M. Disick, the President of The Fractional Consultant Company (USA), is engaged in the adaptation and implementation on Russian soil of the most successful models and practices of the global hospitality and tourism industry.

12311165_1701525786801249_3918817489281671411_n1Eugenia Gerdt

Expert in the field of international transportation, import clearance in the People’s Republic of China.

Commercial Director of Saule Logistics, conducting workshops at the Department of Economics and Trade Policy of the International Institute of Economics and Linguistics, Irkutsk State University.

More than 6 years’ work experience in the field of international transportation. During this time, Eugene Gerdt accumulated work experience in 3PL, which became the fundamental basis for the provision of ready-made solutions in the implementation of imports to the territory of the PRC.

– The author is mainly focused on working with foreign partners in the supply of various products in China.

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Svetlana Petrovicheva 

Expert in the field of HR consulting and recruitment for companies planning to operate in Russia.

Managing Partner at the Agency 21 Recruitment Center. More than 12 years’ work experience in the field of personnel management, including working in recruitment agencies occupying leading positions on the Russian market. MBA degree.

– A specialist in the field of career coaching – project development and their practical implementation; conducting expert assessment of the market, characteristics of Russian and foreign companies; the creation of necessary training programs that are successfully implemented.

– Author of a series of training programs for job seekers and professionals in the personnel department.

Эксперт-ЦЕСиР-Фадеев-АлександрAlexander Fadeev

Financial Institutions Director The Center for Eurasian Cooperation and Development (CESIR).

Financial Adviser:

Conducting with Global and Regional Financial Institutions, providing corporate global payments, trade and structured finance products, global financial markets solution, compliance procedures. Expert in M&A deals for commercial banks, as well as, break up and resolution of the banks. Has a wide range of personal contacts in professional community in Russia, CIS countries, Baltic region, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, EU and USA.

Working experience in banking is more than 20 years.


– Consulting fundraising and disposing investment support in Russia and Asia;

– Consulting and structured trade and investment deals support;

– Meetings arrangement and negotiations with the management of the Banks and other Financial Institutions;

– Expert evaluations of the international financial and economic cooperation matters.

Альберто-де-Паоли-эксперт-ЦЕСиРAlberto De Paoli

Expert in Green and Brown Field Projects (Investment projects ) , development and creation of networks in Latin America and Asian countries

Sales and Investment Responsible at DEGA AG ( CH ) , Trade mark owner of India Meets the world project TM .

— Expert and counsellor in many missions for EEC SME Development projects
— Expert in Chinese and Indian market development with multiple contacts both in Public and Private sectors.
— Long time partner of Swiss HUB (Swiss Commercial World wide organization) for the development of contacts with Swiss companies).
— Expert in Latin America ( Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia , Chile ) business development.