%d0%bb%d0%be%d0%b3%d0%beAgency “21st century” is a recruitment agency, founded in 2009 to solve staffing problems. The agency has its own scheme of staff recruitment called “Three stages”, which was based on advanced tools of market analysis that allow to rapidly and unmistakably define business competencies of the candidate for the job.

First stage – «Examination». The company’s main strategy and business processes, cyclicality, corporate culture and other activities are being examined at that stage, making it possible to define specialist selection criteria. A detailed SWOT-analysis gives an opportunity to identify the strong and weak points of the company and, basing on the information given, to compile a list of requirements for the candidate.

Second stage – «Recruitment». Candidates that meet the criteria are being selected. The ‘Search map’ is being compiled for researchers to select candidates jointly with analysts. The main goal is to find the ‘perfect candidate’, by using various means of search, including ‘360 degrees’ method – defining of the previous employers’ judgment.

Third stage – «Introduction». Adaptation to a new team is a very complex process and only a well-organized  introduction system will allow the candidate to rapidly join that process and to uncover his business qualities.

Company’s fields of work:

Banks and financial institutions;

Retail and consumer sector;

Design and construction;

Oil and gas;

Medicine and Pharmaceutics;

Means of telecommunication and IT technology;

Manufacturing and technology;

Professional services;


Agro-technology and food industry.

Company’s principle – full compliance with customer’s interests. That implies a rapid and a qualitative completion of work and strict observance of ethical standards. The staff should contribute to the prosperity and development of the business. The services are based on that principle and their number is continuously growing.