finance-evrazes3International project “New financial environment of the EAEU” supports scientific, educational and entrepreneurial initiatives in the establishment of the Eurasian financial market. The project is aimed at the establishment of multilevel transnational strategic vision of future financial environment of the EAEU.

The key aim of the project is contribution to the development of the new financial environment of the EAEU by raising the level of the engagement of general public in constructive and custom processes.

Within the framework of the project the following key steps are to be taken:

  1. To provide an accurate assessment of the problematic development field by means of gathering and systematizing expert opinions, social survey and analytical work results.
  2. To define problem description and aggregation of possible decisions through implementation of scientific researches.
  3. To develop recommendations and infuse instruments for decreasing the risks of actors’ ineffective strategies into the practice of business entities within the framework of the new financial environment of the EAEU through implementation of educational and contest projects.
  4. To make an aggregation of practical decisions and recommendations clear to the public through provision of information support.