From Experience Russia to Experience World

Current political and economical situation creates new trends on international scene. Today it is important for Russia to contribute to cultural and business convergence of countries, to build partnerships with foreign states, especially at the social level. Particular role is given to social projects aimed at creating of favorable environment for our children as well as preparation of future for successful comprehensive cooperation of countries in strategic perspective.

The establishment of travel routes for children entitled “Experience Russia” is one of such projects. The project is being supported not only by national government agencies but by Funds and embassies of foreign countries, Russian and foreign profile structures. The goal of the project is to shape friendly foreign community oriented at development of cooperation with Russia and understanding of our mentality in strategic outlook of the next 15-25 years.
“Experience Russia” means upbringing of future politicians, economists, scientists and journalists the distinctive feature of whom will be the ability to fully understand their Russian contemporaries and to successfully build partnerships with them.
The background of “Experience Russia” project dates back to 2015 year when it was created as an international movement project “World for Children” that was aimed at creation of a favorable environment for the growth and development of a healthy society based on the personal involvement and high moral position of participants of the movement.
The ideological inspirers of “Experience Russia” project are our friendly foreign countries and the author of the project is the head of the Center for Eurasian Cooperation and Development (CESIR) Olga Biryukova.
Thus, we were inspired to develop inbound tourism by our friends in India, the Philippines friends have helped us to choose an appropriate title and friendly Indonesia have breathed life into our project. France and Latin America are ready to contribute actively to implementation of the project, China is already drafting the related programme and our American friends have ample opportunity to join us in this matter. In general, “Experience Russia” project is opened for participants from all over the world.
“Experience Russia” is, first of all, the project of public diplomacy, educational programmes based on tourism activities in regions of Russia and joint completion of programmes by Russian and foreign children 10 – 18 years of age.
Among the first tourist projects are:
• Project “Stroganov School of Business and State Administration” – the school for young entrepreneurs or future statesmen
• Project “Podnebeses” – new project of the famous music producer Ivan Shapovalov
• Thematical sport and ecological camp “Stroganov Park” (Permskiy Krai)
• Music school of Honored Arts Worker of Russia, Companion of Order of Friendship of Russian Federation, Soviet and Russian composer Zuo Zhenguan (Victor Zuo)
• International camp for children “Live Classics” of “Live Classics” Fund
• Finno-Ugric camp for children “Lesnaya Skazka”
• And others
In the course of programme implementation children from foreign countries will get an opportunity to get acquainted with Russia and its regions, our culture and traditions. We will create an appealing image of our state as country of great opportunities with high service and hospitality levels, we will attract investments to the regions and will be able to maintain its complex development. Moreover we will promote educational centers and facilities abroad and attract students and tourists, will bring up friendly young community, oriented at cooperation with Russia.
Olga Biryukova, the head of the Center for Eurasian Cooperation and Development, author of the project
Tel. +7 (495) 642-57-87
Regarding press relations and informational partnership:
Anna Maksimova, PR manager, CESIR
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