The Tver region for tourists from China

How to attract Chinese tourists to Russian regions? This issue was discussed in the framework of the ‘City for the business’ project on 9 September in Tver. Educational master class ‘Tver region for tourists from China’ was dedicated to practical issues of Chinese tourists attraction to the Tver region. The speakers of the event were experts from Russia, its regions and abroad. The meeting with local administration and business as well as guided sightseeing was organized specially for the invited guests.

The event didn’t follow the usual format: it is not just educational lectures but master classes where you can freely ask questions on relevant issues. These meetings facilitate tourist attraction to the region and establish the communication between native and foreign business entities.

As experts on the meeting noted, Chinese tourists do not possess the information concerning the capabilities of the Russian regions. According to ‘China Friendly’ team leader Anna Sibirkina we need to ‘create media materials like promotional videos in order to attract the interest of foreign tourists to amenities of our land, our culture and traditions’. ‘And we have to place these materials on appropriate resources with correct audio backup and subtitles provided’ – Olga Biryukova added.

Also, in the course of the event, business representatives were actively involved in the process, they raised multiple questions and strived to solve their problems. It turned out, that we need to know all tourist features, service and promotion details to successfully attract tourists from China. This issue was highlighted by the CEO of CESIR Olga Biryukova. ‘The main problem that we face now is an absence of tourist product within Tver region that we may promote and sell, – she noted, – a product that has to be created and elaborated by a local tour operator and included to the route of other entities of HoReCa sector, thus facilitating their task solution’.

The Tver region has much to offer to Chinese tourists, for example various historical and architectural monuments, including the famous Travel Palace, also there is one of the biggest rivers in the world – Volga and many other interesting sites. The only thing left is to create an appropriate tourist product, which would further the interests of Russian and Chinese parties.

Text: Anna Maksimova

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