Building an effective business dialogue at the international level

The current political, economic and international situation determines the importance of building a business dialogue with the Union State of the Republic of Belarus. The development of joint projects allows strengthening not only the strategic partnership, but also trade-economic, industrial, scientific-technical, socio-cultural and other such relations. With time, such cooperation eventually transforms into a complex fragmented and multi-level phenomenon, whose main objective is the joint and mutual achievement of the desired objectives in trade, in business and in the international arena.

Closely connected to this is the question of increasing the effectiveness of such cooperation through the organization of the productive areas for business dialogue between our countries, individual regions and directly with business representatives. Today, business communication can be organized in many ways. The most popular way is one which includes the organization of business breakfasts, seminars, forums, conferences, round tables, bilateral meetings to exchange views, etc. However, it can be argued that modern communication platforms are no longer as effective. The first hindrance to effective communication is the low-level of involvement of the real businesses in these activities, and decision-making often takes place without regard to the wishes of the entrepreneurs involved.

In this case, it is possible to learn from the experience of partner countries, such as China and India. It is possible to trace how Chinese partners implement effective cooperation, through such participation as in the upcoming Food Fair in Weifang. Before inviting Russian manufacturers to China, a strategic meeting was organized in Russia between representatives of businesses and government. Seeing the interest of the Russian manufacturers, the Chinese partners, with the support of the governor, invited them to participate in the food fair by gathering the full support of Russian exhibitors, including areas to do with brand promotion and the organization of B2B meetings. In this way, a careful study of the interests of real businesses, government support and the favorable conditions for entrepreneurs – all this can improve business dialogue at the international level.

Another solution would be building a business dialogue in the format by Napoleon Hill, who is the author of the term ‘the mastermind group’. This concept involves a collaboration of two or more parties to achieve common goals, where the determining factors are discipline and enthusiasm. In the words of Napoleon Hill, “When two brains meet, something incredible happens. A third invisible brain with unlimited potential is thus created.” An example of such a group includes the 44th session of the standing seminar at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Belarus-Russia Union under the theme – Inter-Regional Cooperation in the Union State: Experience, Problems and Prospects. Despite the high protocol of the first day of the meeting, the event came out to be unexpectedly productive, and proved itself to be a real mastermind group. During the meeting, communication was established very well: each presentation by each of the participants was based according to the schedule – the designation of the problem and proposals for its decision, which came in the final document of the meeting.

To sum up, it should be noted that it is very important to align cooperation with the federal government. This will benefit not only economic cooperation, but also strategic partnership as well. However, the forms of business dialogue existing today are losing their value and effectiveness. In their place comes a new, up-to-date communication platform, where one of the most important elements is the organization of real business involvement.

Thus, new solutions for the construction of effective business dialogue at the international level can be summarized to include the mastermind group, in which the result is achieved through common effort. In addition to this is the experience of Asian partners, who build cooperation on the basis of targeted workshops. In this case, real business implements key decisions, and the entrepreneurs are presented with an opportunity to influence political, economic and other processes to improve the business environment.

Author: Olga Biryukova