The Center for Eurasian Cooperation and Development

The Center for Eurasian Cooperation and Development (CESIR) is an integrative organization that is operational within Eurasia. The Center’s main line of business is focused on investment and economic trade cooperation among the countries of Eurasia.

CESIR is engaged in implementing business programs, social projects aimed at creating a favorable environment for the growth and development of our children, popularization of Russian and Asian cultures, organization of business, industrial, and educational trips to the Asia-Pacific countries, provision of assistance to Russian and foreign export-oriented companies to enter foreign markets.

We closely cooperate and have friendly relations with the business community and government representatives of Russia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, China and others. Our team and partner’s network has more than five years of experience, which allows us to implement international projects not only at the personal businesses level, but also for business projects of interstate significance.